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Long Distance Love

Do Long Distance Relationships Work or is it a myth

Loving You Far AwayToday, it’s accepted that we don’t need to meet people in person to start a relationship with them. We can find business partners, employees or suppliers online and we can cooperate with them without any problem by only using Skype and other modern communication avenues.

This is also valid for relationships and romance. We date people online and we can grow fond of each other without actually meeting in person. Surely, we have to meet in real life at some point to validate our feelings, but when two partners live on different sides of the world, it may be difficult to spend each and every weekend together.

This situation may also occur when one of the two partners, in a couple, has to move to a far away city for work or for study. This means they won’t be able to come home every evening to their partner, as they used to before. Some people think there’s nothing wrong with being miles away from your romantic partner, as long as you have love for him or her in your soul.

However, the big question is this: do long distance relationships really work?

The answer is that it depends. It depends on the two partners and on their relationship before being physically separated. If they used to share a home for many years and if the situation is only temporary, the two partners are going to be fine and the relationship is going to last.

However, if the couple’s relationship was new and there may not have been enough time to grow fond of each other, to develop that deep love which replaces the ‘in love’ stage of relationships, then problems may arise. When the two partners maintain the contact only via technology, they may be good for a while, but real life is soon going to kick in, making at least one of them drift apart from the relationship. We are all human beings, with our needs and desires, with our challenges and temptations and not everyone is strong enough to resist. Some become victims of their lust, others choose to quit the long distance relationship for logical reasons, while others fight for their relationship and keep it alive even when there are two continents between them.

Each couple is unique, so it’s not easy to answer whether a long distance relationship is a good idea. You can’t know until you try it yourself.